Wow, 2020 has been a difficult year but the Temple of Tuneage is still making records

Time to catch up with Temple News...  Jimmy Cowan is in the studio working hard on his 1st release of all original songs. 

Some excellent musicians have been in the past few weeks helping Jimmy out with some really nice tracks;  Jack Bashwiner contributing Bass & Guitar tracks, Chris Brennan on Drums, Billy Karcher on Guitar, Doug Gillespie on Guitar and Tony Orbach on Sax.  This 8-song project is coming together nicely, stay tuned for more news...

Gerry Griffin worked on and released several singles during the lockdown period.  Check out Gerry's Bandcamp page:

Al Festa has released "The Benson Ridge Project - Michigan Picker" recorded and mixed at the Temple of Tuneage.  Al has released a really nice collection of songs, check it out on Bandcamp:

The Trojan War project has been working at the Temple too.  This Heavy Rock project features Troy (Guitar, Vocals) and the Wolverine (Drums) from Rockstar Racecar plus Gerry Griffin (Bass) handling the low end.  We'll let you know more when the release date gets closer.

and in the equipment department, The Temple has added a new Mac Mini computer to compliment the UA Apollo 16 and a whole lotta amazing plug-ins from UA, Sound Toys, Eventide & Waves.   You could be making your next record at the Temple, drop us a line to book some studio time!  Cheers!

February 2020 News

We're overdue for an update at the Temple of Tuneage.  Here's what's up Doc...

Rockstar Racecar's 3rd record, Hunk Oasis, is finished.  A record release party at the Hat City Kitchen on February 15 was  a blast!  The band performed the entire record live plus some Rockstar Racecar faves.  The performance was recorded by Gerry Griffin for a future live release.  Check 'em out :

Al Festa was in recently putting the finishing touches on his project.  No release date announced yet, so stay tuned for more info about Al.


Terry McCarthy is just about finished working on his 5th CD (his 3rd at the Temple) with guest musicians Bob Cannon, Tommy Mono and Mike Shapiro.  A vocal session is scheduled soon with Bernadette and Catherine from Bern & the Brights.  Terry's songwriting is awesome and this one is coming together nicely. Stay tuned for release info...

Happy New Year!  January 2019 News

Great News at the Temple!  Two records recorded, mixed & produced by Gerry Griffin at the Temple of Tuneage made Jersey Beat - Jim Testa's Top NJ Albums for 2018;   The Porchistas' Porch Drive & Rockstar Racecar's The Real Housewives of Pyongyang. 


Here's the link:


Terry McCarthy is currently working at the Temple on his 5th CD (his 3rd at the Temple) with guest musicians Bob Cannon, Tommy Mono and Mike Shapiro.  Terry's songwriting is awesome and this one is coming together nicely. Stay tuned for release info...

November News 2018


Overdue for an update! There's lots of good stuff going on at the Temple of Tuneage...

Meg Beattie has been working on her latest CD project with some great guitar work courtesy of Chris Bolger. Meg's voice and songwriting are wonderful.

Rockstar Racecar just released their 2nd CD of original songs recorded and mixed at the Temple. These young rockers from Bloomfield just keep getting better and better.

We're just about to put the finishing touches on a 7-song CD for Al Festa from Jersey City. Al is a wonderful songwriter and vocalist. Add the Zydeco Revelators, his backing band, and you've got a great collection of songs. Stay tuned for info about the release of this fun project.

Speaking of the Zydeco Revelators, they just released their 2nd CD, DEUX,  recorded and mixed at the Temple... and they are scheduled to come in and start tracking for their next CD project.

Voice-over pro Rachel Butera is in town working with Howard Stern, but still finds time to stop by the Temple and do some work in-between radio shows.

and finally, By George!, a George Harrison tribute band has started work on their 10-song demo.

Need to record a song, a full-length CD or do some voice-over work? Please consider the Temple of Tuneage. Great recordings done on great equipment at a reasonable price. Cheers! 😎

Rockstar Racecar CD Release!


The Temple of Tuneage is happy to announce the release of the Rockstar Racecar CD.  Produced, recorded and mixed by

Gerry Griffin at the Temple of Tuneage.  Rockstar Racecar's release party at the Clash Bar in Clifton NJ was a blast with the band performing many tracks from their CD and some newer material too.  Check out these young rockers... they're lotsa fun!

May Days at the Temple of Tuneage

We've been really busy at the Temple the past few weeks...

Voice-talent pro, Rachel Butera was in the studio working on more voice-over projects after spending a couple of days on the Howard Stern show.

Rockstar Racecar stopped by to track a new song "In the Shower"... we've finished up the overdubs for their debut CD, so now it's mixing time.  It's been a blast working on their record... these young guys can ROCK!  An Oreo-fueled band!

Zydeco Rvelators have been working regularly at the Temple on their next CD release.  Some great originals and cool cover tunes... their record is coming together nicely.

Ready to record your first hit single or a full length CD?  Give us a call at 862-202-5048, we would love to help you put together a great recording project!


April Activity at the Temple of Tuneage

The Temple of Tuneage welcomes Rockstar Racecar, a young rock band based out of Bloomfield NJ.  Rockstar Racecar just finished tracking eight original  songs and will return soon for overdubs... check 'em out at :

The Zydeco Revelators continue to work at the Temple on their next release... it's always fun working with the Zydeo Revelators at the Temple of Tuneage.

The Porchistas will be in to work on a "radio-friendly" version of their latest single "Mr. Chump" with the lovely Kelly Henneberry on vocals.

Looking to record a song, EP, full-length CD or some voice-overs?  Give us a call at 862-202-5048

February Fun at the Temple
The Temple of Tuneage has been really busy the last few weeks...
The Zydeco Revelators were in doing overdubs and mixing their version of the Monkees' classic "I'm a Believer" for a Monkees tribute record.  Great version, we'll let you know where it can be heard and purchased when the release date is announced.
The Jack Rio Trio has been working feverishly to finish up their 15-song debut CD.  Dan Riordan and his brother Jonathan (aka the Porchistas drummer) will be releasing their CD on Saturday, March 4, two days before they leave for Georgia to hike the Appalachian Trail for the next six months.  It's been really fun working on this record...  Make sure to get your copy before these guys leave, you'll be glad that you did! 
Looking to record a song, EP, full-length CD or some voice-overs?  Give us a call at 862-202-5048

Current Projects at the Temple

We've been really busy at the Temple lately... The Porchistas are working on a new EP to be released in January 2017...                  Five fun songs with some great guest artists contributing - vocals by Jenny Mustaches (Bone & Marrow) and Kelly Henneberry plus horns by our friends, The Defending Champions.  


The Zydeco Revelators have returned to the Temple and spent one day recently tracking 20 new songs! 


The Jack Rio Trio was also in recently tracking 15 songs for their first CD release and our favorite voice-over talent, Rachel Butera was working at the Temple during her visit back east during the end of October. 


Give us a call to book the Temple for your next project... 862-202-5048.  Cheers!

Terry McCarthy's latest CD, Go Fourth just released

Singer-Songwriter Terry McCarthy has just released his 4th CD, Go Fourth, recorded and mixed at the Temple.  Produced by Gerry Griffin and mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound, Terry's new record is an awesome collection of songs featuring Terry's voice and beautiful, complex guitar playing, Tom Monahan's drumming, keyboards by Bob Cannon and bass tracks by Gerry Griffin. 


Check out Terry's website,  to hear and purchase his CDs.  The Charm and Go Fourth were produced by Gerry Griffin at The Temple of Tuneage.

A Busy Month at the Temple!


There's been lots of activity at the Temple of Tuneage over the past few weeks... Rachel Butera, an amazing voice-over talent and regular Howard Stern show contributor, was in the Temple several times recording various projects.  Her impersonations and character voices are fun to record and even funnier to listen to ... Terry McCarthy is back at the Temple working on new tracks for an EP scheduled to be released in April 2016.  Gerry produced and mixed Terry's 3rd release, The Charm, at the Temple of Tuneage.  The new songs are sounding excellent, we're exciting to be producing Terry's newest project... and Gerry was finally able to get the wonderful singer/songwriter/pianist Jess Fleming in the studio with her band to record her latest single, "Sho Don't".  There are many great projects currently happening at the Temple of Tuneage... Don't be left out, come check us out!

2015 AES Convention in NYC


The recent AES convention in New York was a great opportunity to see new pro audio gear and catch up with friends. 

Here's Gerry with old friends Andrew Scheps (left) and Rob Arbittier (right).  Andrew's list of credits is amazing!  and Rob is one of the smartest and nicest people in the music biz!  Rob was Stevie Wonder's touring keyboard player for many years.

Gerry Joins the Studio Logic Sound Sales Team!


Gerry Griffin has joined Studio Logic Sound, a leading Pro Audio dealer, as a sales associate.   Studio Logic Sound, founded by industry veteran George A Hajioannou, is a first choice pro audio dealer for many recording engineers and producers.  With over 90 product lines available, SLS is a one-stop shop for the best sounding equipment needed to produce today's hits and new artists.  Gerry's friendship with George dates back over 20 years when they met during Gerry's time as the Sales Manager for Eventide.  Give Gerry a call or email when you're shopping for a great deal on your next piece of outboard gear, microphone, mixer or if you are ready to dive into the "mix and match" world of 500-series toys.  Phone: 862-202-5048  or


Check us out @

The Apollo 16 has landed!


The Temple of Tuneage is proud to annouce the addition of a Universal Audio Apollo 16 audio interface for our Pro Tools 12 system.  The Apollo 16 adds 16 inputs and 16 outputs to our system plus the four on-board processors will run some amazing plug-ins without slowing down our computer.  Our plug-in roster now includes the Lexicon 224 reverb, Fairchild 660 & 670 compressors, a collection of 1176 compressors, the dbx 160 compressor and the Neve 1073 pre-amp & EQ. 

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