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This page is dedicated to dear friends that we have lost...


Orlando was a dear friend who played with the Fabulous Flemtones for 34 years.  An amazing musician and good friend, Rest in Peace.

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 2.55.18 PM.png

Scott "Top Ten" Kempner (left) was a founding member of the Dictators (a band that I continue to work with doing

live sound.)  Scott was a great songwriter,  amazing musician and a good friend to get nice with at gigs. (photo from CBGBs)

Rest in Peace Prince of the Bronx


Andy Martin was a great friend and one of the best electric guitar players on the planet!  One of my favorite memories is bringing Andy to Steve Vai's house where Andy played Steve's guitar while we discussed the latest product from Eventide. 

Rest in Peace


During my days at Eventide, I was extremely fortunate to work with Eddie Van Halen.  Eddie was a wonderful guy and always made me feel welcome at 5150. 

Rest in Peace.

TEW III.jpeg

Ted was a monster bass player and an amazingly talented musician.  His generosity and smile will be sorely missed.  Rest in Peace.


Carolyn was a talented musician and gifted songwriter.  We were fortunate to have Carolyn record at the Temple of Tuneage.  Rest in Peace.

Buckey NAMM.jpg

Børge "Buckey" Kistiansen was a dear friend who always showed up at trade shows and conventions ready to have fun.  I'll never forget the time he carried me (over his shoulder) out of a club in Nashville like the true viking that he was.  Thank you for "Gina" my Eugene bass which Buckey had custom made for me. 

Rest in Peace.

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