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Are you a musician, singer/songwriter, voice talent or band looking to record a song, podcast, voice over work, an EP or full-length CD/album?  Need some tracks mixed?  The Temple of Tuneage is the professional, but affordable answer for your next recording project.


Originally set up as the personal production studio for producer and bassist Gerry Griffin, the "Temple" is geared up to create big-budget quality productions in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  The Temple is a “hybrid” studio, combining a collection of vintage analog equipment and a Pro Tools 12 digital audio workstation.  The foundation of the Temple’s sound is its vintage 16-channel Neve 5462 mixer plus a nice collection of outboard gear and microphones.  The addition of a UA Apollo 16 & Apollo x8 interfaces and all the amazing plug-ins designed for the UAD-2 system, gives the Temple a wonderful collection of vintage equipment emulations to make your recording project the best it can be!


If you are interested in bringing your next project to the Temple, please send us an email:


Gerry has recorded or produced tracks for many local artists including legendary NYC rockers the Dictators, Trojan Warfare, Midnight Mess, The Mutts, Rachel Butera (Howard Stern voice over pro), Zydeco Revelators, Rockstar Racecar, Jimmy Cowan, Ray Gehringer, Al Festa, By George!, Black Water, Terry McCarthy, Jack Rio Trio, the Porchistas, Mary Remington, Dubious Pastry, Sexy Heroes, ALIEN SLAVES, Miss Lucy & Walker Blue, The Meltdowns, Baked Fresh Daily, J4Jennifer and Times Squared. 


Audio samples available upon request.  The tracks below were recorded and mixed by Gerry Griffin at The Temple of Tuneage.

Riptide - Jimmy Cowan
Another Day - Trojan Warfare
Everything I Need - The Mutts
Created A Monster - Rockstar Racecar
Any Road - By George!
Jersey Shore Pon Pon - Zydeco Revelators




Neve 5462 16-channel (34128 modules)

Midas DM-16 (x 2)

Yamaha M406

HUI DAW control surface



Pro Tools 12 digital audio workstation

Tascam 24 channels Hi-8 (1- DA88 & 2 - DA38 w/ RC-848 remote)

Otari 1/2" 8-track analog tape

Dokoder 1/4" 4-track analog tape (x2)

Sony dual cassette deck

Tascam DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder

Audio Interface

Universal Audio Apollo 16 Thunderbolt

Universal Audio Apollo x8

Tascam US-1800

Focusrite iTrack Dock


Sound Toys 5 bundle

Universal Audio plug-ins for Apollo 16 including:

- Lexicon 480L Reverb

- Neve 1073 &1081

- Capitol Chambers

Eventide 2016 Reverb

Eventide H3000

Eventide EQuivocate

Eventide Instant Flanger

Eventide Physion

Eventide Quadravox

Eventide UltraChannel


Waves Platinum bundle 

Waves (OVox, Waves Tune Real Time, F6-RTA EQ)

AutoAlign 2



Eventide Orville multi-effects

Eventide DSP4500 multi-effects

Eventide Eclipse multi-effects

Eventide H3000DSE multi-effects

Lexicon MXP550 reverb

Lexicon Alex

Urie 1178

JBL/Urie 7110 (x 4)

Chameleon Labs 7602

Aphex 107 MicPre (x2)

dbx 463X  (x 6)

dbx 1046

dbx 163X  (x 4)


Studio Projects VTB1 pre-amp

Joe Meek VC3Q studio channel

Fredenstein Bento 6 500 series rack w/

- Joe Meek 500 Mic PreAmp

- DBX 560A Compressor/Limiter

- Fredenstein Artisic MicPre

- Fredenstein Artistic Compressor

- True Systems pT2 500D  MicPre



Yamaha 2 x NS10s

JBL  3 x LRS28P & 1 LRS12P (subwoofer)

Auratone 2 x 5RC Super -Road-Cubes

Genelec 2029 x 2

Mackie Big Knob control



EAW KF600i mains

EAW 2 x 15" subwoofer

dbx DriveRack (x 2)

EV cross over

QSC digital power amps

EV & custom wedge monitors with JBL drivers


Townsend Labs L22

Audio-Technica AT4047SV

Audio-Technica AT4033a (x2)

Audio-Technica AT851a (x2)

Beyer M160 (x2)

Beyer M69N

Warm Audio WA-47FET

Warm Audio WA-87

Warm Audio WA-47jr

Neumann KSM105 (x2)

Sennheiser MD421 (x3)

Sennheiser e904 (x3)

Sennheiser e935

Sennheiser e835

Sennheiser e822S

Sennheiser e504

Octava MC 012-01 (x4)

Cascade Fathead

Cascade Fathead w/ AMI TR-42 transformer

Cascade M39 (x2)

Studio Projects C1

Studio Projects C3

Studio Project B1


Shure SM7B

Shure Beta 58 (x2)

Shure SM57 (x4)

Shure SM58 (x4)

Shure SM53

Audix D4

Audix CX-111

Audix OM-6

Audix OM-5 (x3)

Apogee MiC USB mic


Guitar & Bass Amps

Ashdown Mag 300 (2 X 10") 300-watt combo

Marshall JCM800 (2 X 12") 100-watt lead combo

Marshall 1960 (4 X 12") speaker cabinet

Tech21 RBI (preamp) with Crown XLS 2002 (amp)

Tech21 Sansamp PSA-1

Mesa Boogie 2 X 15" cabinet

Eden D410T 4 X 10" cabinet

GK 2 X 10" w/ vintage SVT 32 ohm speakers

Fender Blues Junior

Fender Acoustasonic Junior

Ampeg Reverberocket 2 (vintage)

Ampeg 4 X 12" cabinet

Ampeg 4 X 10" cabinet

Ampeg V4B  (vintage)

Ampeg B-15N (vintage)

Polytone Mini Brute

Fender Stage 112

Epiphone Valve Junior (head)

Ashdown Tour Bus 10


Tama Imperial Star (1980s) kit includes

          - 24" kick, 22" kick, 12" tom, 13" tom (x2), 14" tom (x2), 16" floor tom (x2)

Tama Imperial Star  snare

Pearl 14" steel snare

14" Sabian hi hats

21" Zildjian Rock Ride

16" Zildjian Thin Crash

8" Zildijian Flash Splash

21" Sabian Definition Ride

18" China

5 cymbal stands (3 booms & 2 straight). 

Our percussion collection includes a congas, Matador bongos, vibra-slap, maracas, cowbells,

tambourines, triangle, flexi-tone, wood block, a frog and more...



Yamaha Clavinova 88-key electric piano

Moog Rogue vintage analog synth

Casio CZ-5000 synth

Casio CT-607

Guitars & Basses

Gibson Les Paul jr guitar  (1984)

Eugen Bassics 4-string Bass (custom-made from Norway)

Fender Jazz Bass (1978)

Fender Precision Bass

BC Rich Eagle fretless Bass (NJ series)

Squire customized Stratocaster

Cort X-series Bass

Dean Z Metalman Bass

Gibson Ripper Bass

Gibson RD Standard Bass

Dean Edge 8-string Bass

Dean EABC Acoustic Bass

Kala U-Bass













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